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Cible électronique Equinox Antares

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Cible électronique Equinox Antares Traditional color segment and black spider. 1 to 16...plus
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Cible électronique Equinox Antares

Traditional color segment and black spider. 1 to 16 players. Adapter operated from 220V AC to 5V DC included. 8 backlight LCD display. Red light shows 2 players at a time, active function and total scores. Blue light shows the score of each dart thrown. Green light shows cricket scoring. 28 games with 131 games variations. Voice and sound effects. Sound volume control – adjustable up to 0-8 levels. Vocal instructions (English).

- Double function: activates the Double In/Double Out and Master Out options for the 301, 401, 501... games.
- Miss function: allows registering a “missed”dart.
- Bounce out function: allows counting darts that do not remain in board.

- Patent "Game Guard" feature: pressing the button all of the keys will ‘lock’ so that a misguided dart hitting a button will not affecting your game.
- Dart Out function: when a player’s score falls below 160, you can press the DART OUT button to get a suggestion from thedartboard about the number of darts needed to finish the game.
- Patent “cyber match” function: allows you to play up against computer in 5 levels, professional, advanced, intermediate, novice, beginner.
- Patent “double bullseye” feature: the centre of the board (red + green) has a special part structure without any frame around the red bullseye, which allows you getting directly and more easily the higher points.

- Wide catch ring traps missed darts.
- 6 darts with 40 soft tips included.
- Dartboard dimensions: 43 x 51 x 3 cm.
- Box dimensions: 46 x 52 x 4,5 cm.

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